The Jigsaw Element

In a post-apocalyptic landscape, one man searches for redemption.

Spencer is an Element, a decorated Military assassin who failed to achieve his last mission – Target Annabel O’Shantee – future leader of Cheerlong City. Seeking refuge in Malburn City under the disguise of an Insurance Investigator, Spencer is slowly drawn into the deceitful world of the Seahorse Clans as they battle for supremacy during the period of upcoming turmoil. As a malfunctioning Element, Spencer survives with no loyalty to those responsible for his creation. His one desire is to remove the computer chip that connects his thoughts to his unknown master. The narrative jigsaw moves from a disturbing reality to reliving past fragments to establish his role in the uprising. Spencer questions his life as a mannequin, one who is controlled by others.

The Jigsaw Element is a distorted future noir that scans the notion of what is the truth of identity.

The Jigsaw Element

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