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The new 2017 format of ‘Behind the Words’ continuing the exploration of the creative process with fellow creatives.

Behind the Words is an Australian television series that broadcasts on the Community Network. Each episode contains  interviews with artists, writers, performers and others with a specific focus on their use of language and creative processes.

BTW5 goes to air in September 2015 on C31 – a new season and a new look format.

Highlights: feature episodes on Ned Kelly – The New Australian Musical, The Laudanum Project and their theatre work The Grand Guignol Automation, and the up-coming C31 television series Under the Milky Way.

Carina Waye, Lee McClengahan, Kingsley McGlew and Frances Meeng at the Abbotsford Convent 2015

BTW5 – Teaser

BTW5 – the complete episode one – The Laudanum Project

BTW5 S5Ep1 – The Laudanum Project

Season Four is to air during 2014 with new faces (Press photo minus Hana Vraniqi)…

Kirsty Snowden, Sarah Attrill, Carina Waye and Lee McClenaghan - BTW - © Alawa Productions 2014

Kirsty Snowden, Sarah Attrill, Carina Waye and Lee McClenaghan – BTW – © Alawa Productions 2014

Commencing on Monday 1st of September 2014 on C31 Melbourne/Geelong, BTW4 with…

Interviews with: Aya Kitaoji (Flamenco Dancer) – Anne M. Carson (Poet) – akAA Productions – Ticket of Leave with: Amel B. Kenza (Playwright) – Bruce Langdon (Theatre Director) – Lucy Norton (Actor) – Clare Callow (Actor) – Karla Silvey (Actor) – Kristina Benton (Actor) – Amedeo Astorino (Playwright) – Coverage of the Continuum Convention X: Carnival of Lost Souls – interviews with: Jim C. Hines (Writer) – Julia Svaganovic (Chairperson) – Kathleen Jennings (Illustrator) – Ambelin Kwaymullina (Writer) – Jack Dann (Writer) – Andrew Macrae (Writer) – Mary Borsellino (Writer) – Tracy M. Joyce (Writer) – Tansy Rayner Roberts (Writer) – Jeremy Davies (Writer) – Leonie Rogers (Writer) – Alan Baxter (Writer) – Dirk Flirthart and Edwina Harvey (Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine) and Gerry Huntman (Publisher at IFWG Publishing) – The Short Film Medium with Jeremy Kewley (Actor) – Mario Demiraj (Songwriter) and full screening of Error 0036 a Spanish Short Film directed by Raul Fernandez Rincon – Feature Presentation: The Australian Refugee Concern – interviews with: Diana Greentree (Writer – The Camros Bird) – Phuong Ngo (Artist) – Barat Ali Batoor (Photographer) – Discussions on the Couch – Wayne Macauley (Demons) – Nic Low (Arms Race) – Andrew Macrae (Trucksong) – Emily Bitto (The Strays) – Jeremy Davies (Missing, Presumed Undead) – Andrew Sant (The Bicycle Thief and Other Poems) – Judith Colquhoun (Thicker Than Water) – Interviews with: Liz Stringer (Songwriter) – Michael Cody (Co-Director Ruin) – Ben Giroux (Actor)

Season Three aired during 2013 with the following interviews;

Glenn Elston (Director of The Australian Shakespeare Company) – Katharine Innes (Actor) – Mark Seymour (Songwriter) – Mandy Connell (Songwriter )Robert Gott (Writer – Holiday Murders) – David Myles (Theatre Director) – Reville Brian-Smith (Short Film Director) – Jessica Says (Songwriter) – Davina Wright (Theatre Director) Hayley Lawson-Smith (Writer – The Julius Romeros Extravanganza) – John von Ahlen (Songwriter) –  Shane Price (Songwriter) – Mark Kestigian (Writer – One Off) – Nicole Wallace (Opera Singer)Kailas Prasannan  (Short Film Director) – Wesley Tan (Songwriter)Cameron Rogers (Writer – Remedy Entertainment) – The Hampton Beach Poetry Series with Bonny Cassidy, Bela Farkas, Chris Wallace-Crabble, Jennifer Harrison, Elizabeth Campbell, Petra White, Alicia Sometimes, Steve Smart and Benjamin LairdThe Darwin Festival 2013 with coverage of the NIMA, Bagot Community Festival, Aboriginal Art Fair, Behind the Wire art exhibition at Fannie Bay Gaol Museum, Khalin Compound – interviews with Dewayne Everettsmith (Songwriter) – Shellie Morris (Songwriter) – Gathapura Mununggurr and Ngalkanbuy Mununggurr (East Journey) – Michael Hohnen (Creative Director – Skinny Fish Music) – Kutcha Edwards (Songwriter) – Jack Charles (Actor) – Sarah Collins (Writer/Actor) – Jess Devereux and Nick Power (Choreographers) – Jess Ribeiro (Songwriter) – Monte Dwyer (Writer) – Yellow (B2M) – Tom E Lewis (Songwriter) – Adam Tamburini (Opera Singer – Don Giovanni) plus others

BTW Presenters - Kirsty Snowden, Troy Cartwright, Jess Chiapolino, Vincent Conti - © Alawa Productions 2012

Presenters Kirsty Snowden, Troy Cartwright, Jess Chiapolino and Vincent  Conti.






During 2013, BTW interviewed Australian novelist Cameron Rogers who was born in Far North Queensland and now works for Remedy Entertainment in Helsinki, Finland.

Season Two aired during 2012 with the following interviews;

Susan Earl (Animator) – Cate Wolfe (Actor) – Meg Mundell (Writer – Black Glass) – Chris Assaad (Songwriter )Ruby J Murray (Writer – Running Dogs) – Mirela Tufton (Illustrator) – Chee Wei Tay (Composer) – Alejandro Florez (Guitarist) – Jacinta Halloran (Writer – Pilgrimage) Bill Downie (Winemaker – Guendulain Estate) – Vivian Cooper Smith (Conceptual Photographer) –  Yunyu (Songwriter) – Paul Davies (Chef) – Amy Espeseth (Writer – Sufficient Grace)Jonathon Welsh  (Musical Director of the Choir of Hope and Inspiration) – Mark Lang (Songwriter – Skipping Girl Vinegar)Scrabble Victoria, Lois Binnie, Jenny Brysha and Trevor Halsall  (Scrabble Players) – Ailsa Piper (Writer – Sinning Across Spain) – Marie Chanel (Actor) – Donovan Mann (Cartoonist) – Delson Stokes (Songwriter – Yabu Band) – Maher Abou Elsaoud (Writer – Cairo Paris Melbourne) – Mirranda Burton (Illustrator – Hidden) – Morgan Bain (Songwriter) – Lynne Kemp (Teacher) – Alan Cornell (Writer –The Gentle Art of Tossing) – Peter Karlos (Melbourne Actor’s Lab) – Ali Mills (Songwriter) – Homer Rieth (Poet – Wimmera) – Erin Ritchie (Short Story Writer) – Kynan Robinson (Composer) – Natalie Pa’apa’a (Songwriter – Blue King Brown) Shane Howard and friends

Season One aired during 2011 on the Community Network with Presenters Kirsty Snowden, Jess Chiapolino, Troy Cartwright and Vincent Conti.

Interviews with the following;

Chris Womersley (Writer – Bereft) – Rosy Morton (Paperback Bookshop) – Daniel Walsh (Script Writer – P.A.M. Project) – Sally Heath (Editor – Meanjin) – Rueben Legge (Songwriter – The Wanderer)Kate McLennan (Comedian) – Francisco Lopez (Actor) – David Tenenbaum (Publisher – Melbourne Books) – Fairy Abella (Fairy) – David Creese (Songwriter) – Wayne Macauley (Writer – Other Stories) Heather Dwyer (Fairfield Books) – Simon Hoy (Choreographer – Melbourne Ballet Company) – Sam Wark (Script Writer/Director – Punch Drunk) –  Max Jahufer (Songwriter) – Aviva Tuffield (Associate Publisher – Scribe Publications) – Joel Deane (Writer – The Norseman’s Song)Megan Burke (Blogger) – Adam Dunning (Bossa Nova Singer) – Simone Gustafsson (Songwriter – Cheerleader)Nicholas Hansen (Documentary Film Maker) – Amedeo Astorino (Playwright) – Brendan Black (Wordsmith) – Karl Smith (Songwriter – Lee Memorial) – Tony Birch (Writer – Shadow Boxing) – Stacey Moore (Grove Bookshop) – Roderick Poole (Director Victorian Writers’ Centre) – Dean Bryant (Stage Director) – Marita Dyson (Songwriter – The Orbweavers) – Melanie Mackintosh (Australian Yoga Academy) – Cate Kennedy (Writer –The Taste of River Water) – Kris Hemensley (Collected Works Bookshop) – Deborah Cheetham (Opera – Pecan Summer) – Justin Ossher (Songwriter – Symbols) – Liza Mihailidis (Westgarth Books) – Kevin Pearson (Black Pepper Publishing) – Ayesha Desai (Flock to Communications and Events) – Nathan Phillips (Director – P.A.M. Project) – Bryant Gatt (Songwriter – Deaf Martian)

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