Show Reels


Alawa Productions Show Reel 2 2014
Including footage of; Prana Chai – Jason Watson of the Agoy Wellbeing Centre – Carina Waye performing in ‘Nude’ as part of the 2014 Melbourne Cabaret Festival, Citizen Theater
‘Behind the Words’ – with titles by Christopher Trawn – music being ‘Uniform Light’ produced by Foragers – akAA Productions ‘Ticket of Leave’ with Lucy Norton, Karla Silvey and Kristina Benton – coverage of the Continuum Convention with Jim C. Hines, Julia Svaganovic, Kathleen Jennings, Ambelin Kwaymullina, Jack Dann and Andrew Macrae with distorted audio tunes via Carina Waye – Aya Kitaoji and Alejandro Florez, music being ‘Encarnita de Cenes, Alegrias, produced by Alejandro Florez – ‘Discussions on the Couch’ with Sarah Attrill, Lee McClenaghan, Kirsty Snowden and Carina Waye – music being ‘Truck Fight’ produced by Andrew Macrae – Lee McClenaghan interviews Wayne Macauley – music being ‘Roadside’ produced by Andrew Macrae

Alawa Productions Show Reel 2013 contains;
Music – ‘Uniform Light’ by Foragers
Footage/Stills – BTW2 including ‘Roy goes Fishing’, BTW3 including ‘The Hampton Beach Poetry Series’ and coverage of the 2013 Darwin Festival
Stills – Country Victoria
Short Film – ‘Lavolta’ – co-produced with Movie Scene

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